Cochrane Consulting

Software Engineering

Cochrane Consulting provides expert software development and consulting services to a wide variety of
companies and projects.

Specializing in Internet based technologies, whether it be the development of small intranet applications or large architectural infrastructures, we can provide the necessary expertise. Past research and development projects of Cochrane Consulting have been patented.

Information Systems Software Development

We provide experts for the analysis, design and development of information systems.

Developing software based on Internet technologies is an undertaking that can be fraught with peril. That is why any team required to develop for the Internet should have experienced developers that are used to dealing with the issues that arise in Internet development.

There are primarily four phases to software development: analysis, design, implementation and roll out. We have expertise in all four areas. There is no substitute for experience when developing good, reusable software.

In each of the areas, we can provide the expertise to help successfully complete even the most complex software development project.


During this phase of a project, we can help in the requirements gathering process. The outcome of this phase is a Functional Requirements document that will list the complete functionality that a system should have. No a-priori technology assumptions are necessarily made.


This is the most important phase of any software development project no matter how large or small. Proper attention to design details and future technological considerations will help ensure the success of a project. The design phase is where Cochrane Consulting's industry and project experience becomes valuable in designing a solution to meet the requirements. In some cases prototypes may be required to be developed, especially if the project is breaking new technological ground. With Cochrane Consulting's expertise in object-oriented design, a project can be designed with the most flexibility and expandability in mind.


Having the design is one thing, but now you need expertise to execute the implementation. Again, we can help here as well.

Our consultants have many years of solid development experience on a variety of platforms. We have specific and extensive experience developing in C/C++/Java on a variety of platforms and operating systems, specifically Unix and Windows NT. A quick perusal of the
projects section of this site will give you some indication of the abilities of Cochrane Consulting in this regard.

Roll Out

When developing custom software for clients, ideally teams from both Cochrane Consulting and the customer will work jointly in development so that information transfer occurs as a by-product of the development process. In addition, maintenance and operations personnel need to be brought up to speed on the software and we prepare extensive documentation and provide training to the client for this purpose.