Cochrane Consulting

Legal Services

Cochrane Consulting provides consultation in intellectual property disputes and litigation, as well as the interpretation and analysis of computer software and source code and algorithm analysis services in all major computer languages and network operating systems.

We have premier expertise in the C, C++ and Java programming languages in both the Unix and Windows Server operating systems.

Key Benefits

We provide extensive software development experience in many environments including:

  • Wide range of application development experience which allows our experts to assess and evaluate relevant material related to intellectual property disputes, specifically with respect to computer source code.
  • Experienced in multinational patent infringement litigation.


    Our experts have many years of software development experience on a variety of operating system platforms. This enables a thorough and complete analysis of a software system from the software developer's perspective.

    Source Code Analysis

    Source code analysis is a skill that is perfected after many years of software development in many projects. Source code analysis is the ability to evaluate and compare different bodies of computer source code to look for similarities in expression and implementation.

    Algorithm Analysis

    Algorithm analysis is the ability to evaluate the embodiment of an algorithm and to compare a particular implementation with another, particularly if there are separate computer languages involved.