Cochrane Consulting

Welcome to Cochrane Consulting

Cochrane Consulting provides software engineering and systems architecture services to our customers. We specialize in object-oriented solutions based on web technology. From systems analysis to design and implementation, we can provide the necessary expertise to design your application or architect your system.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of technical services to its clients, with specific emphasis on information systems architecture, design and Implementation. Our technical experts have many years experience designing software systems that range from embedded systems to web based information processing systems.

We offer a variety of
services to meet your software analysis and development needs. We have extensive development experience in both Unix and Windows Server using C, C++ and Java.

Company Profile

Cochrane Consulting is the embodiment of the efforts of Vance Cochrane, president of the corporation and chief technologist.

Vance started out as a physicist by training but then gravitated towards computer science as a vocation. He has worked as a development engineer at Asea-Brown-Boveri, as an digital imaging researcher at the Eastman Kodak company, as an internal consultant to Microsoft Corporation, as a project director at Visa International and as a lead developer at Viant where he was one of the earliest employees.

Vance has written many mission critical applications under various flavors of Unix as well as under Windows NT. In addition, he has written quite a few embedded systems in both native assembly language as well as 'higher' level languages (like C). He even has a patent for his embedded systems efforts.

In addition, Vance has been a technical expert to the legal community for multinational patent infringement litigation.

Vance has extensive object-oriented development experience and has applied these concepts to real world solutions for customers.

Vance also provides experienced flight instruction and contract piloting services to clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.